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I'm Looking For A Few More Of My ideal Clients...

"If That's You... I Will PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One In Your Business To Help You Hit $250,000+ by Increasing Your Leads, Contracts And Property Portfolio Over The Next 12 Months!"

Here's Exactly How It Works

  • Immediately implement how I launch and track all my marketing campaigns
  • ​Set up and replicate my custom-built CRM for you
  • Set up exactly how my phone systems flow for all marketing campaigns when a seller calls in
  • ​Our exact script process to close more deals and roleplaying with ME
  • ​Mentoring on persuasion using vocabulary, techniques that sellers resonate with  
  • ​Bring Ronald in as a partner to negotiate and close more deals; SFR & Commercial
  • ​You'll get Ronald's contracts and paperwork for subject to, novations, lease options and more. 
  • ​Establish The follow up process in your business that I use to consistently close deals
  • ​Initiate a hiring funnel to find the RIGHT people & compensate them in alignment with your goals
  • ​Start and refine the process to find and connect with the highest paying buyers in your market 
  • Execute the exact dispositions process to sell deals at lightning speed
  • ​Start Building Relationships with deal suppliers in your market including Realtors and Wholesalers 
  • ​Training on all our exit strategies including: Wholesaling, Fix and Flip, Novations, Rentals, Subject 2, Lease Option and more. 
  • ​Scale and set up transaction coordination with the company Ronald uses. 
  • ​Start connecting with the the right lenders that match your strategy with Ronald Nation Wide Connections

"This Is Not A Course. This Is Not A Mastermind. This is Not For Everybody."

...This Is A One-On-One Implementation Program

Your Investment: $10,000/Yr + Deal Splits
Maximum 9 People


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